Welcome To My Journey

About me? Well, this is awkward. Is this the part where I tell you about the long walks on the beach I love? Cause I actually do.

April of 2017 I decided a vacation trip to Dublin, Ireland with my cousins would be a memorable idea. I never would have thought I’d go back to my home in Las Vegas, feeling like I left pieces behind in this newly discovered city. I was a 21 year old focused on moving up the corporate ladder, improving my credit score, and devoting time to my relationship with my family and (then) boyfriend. In my own little world, I was content. Never to imagine the spark travel would initiate and so fearful of the steps that were set to unfold.

Within 7 months I enrolled in college and traded in my new two door for an everyday City Centre bike. Woo! Everyday has been a learning experience from as little as a new drink to a life lesson I will never forget.

I’ve began this blog with effort of documenting my journey in discovering myself, happiness and the world around me. While I still get into motion as to what route I want to take this blog, I will take it day by day, week by week and create it’s style as I go. All in part of discovering the journey. I’m always open to any ideas, suggestions, comments or questions



One thought on “Welcome To My Journey

  1. Thank you for being with my blog and I welcome you!
    I loved your journey and i do hope you will make it memorable in time yet to come!
    Love and good luck!


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