I used to leave barefoot.

(Wait, what?)

We’ve all done that before…right?

Alright, let me explain.

I had a garage port that would open with a remote (where I could drive my car in or out of). Leaving barefoot was realistically an option. For example, Taco Bell drive thru at 2AM. Guilty.

So from time to time, I’d get in my car with no shoes on and just go out for a drive.

Some of you might read this and think:

“What’s the big deal?”

Yeah, I thought so too.

It was my first day of class in Dublin, I got myself a city bike and took my ass to college. Something I was so scared to do, by the way, but that’s another story.

I put the schools address on my phone’s GPS, plugged in my earphones and listened to Siri dictate the way. All was good, I thought, so I kept pedalling, pedalling… and pedalling. I knew it was a bit of a distance but not that distant. Right?

If you’re wondering if I stopped to check the route, I didn’t. I kept going. Trusting the GPS. KEYWORD: Trust.

After biking uphill, I thought “this shit’s enough”. I made a couple of phone calls, looked up my location and realized I was nearly on the outskirts of the city.

Long story short- that day consisted of being two hours late to my first day of class, a nervous breakdown, a fever and sore legs for days.

At first, I was really bothered by it. I was tired, lost and a little scared (I won’t lie). But in that moment I learned two things.


Download the “Dublin Map” app instead. This will save you being sent the longer route. The map is also a lot more thorough and has the option to work if you’re phone is offline.

This will be a life saver! You can thank me later.


I’m thankful I got lost the way I did. It was in that moment when I realised this is what I traded it all in for. It was an experience I wouldn’t have been able to learn from if I was still at home in Vegas confined to everything I was used to and already knew how to do.

I’ve always valued everything I’ve ever had since I know the hard work it takes to earn it.


I’ll admit that my life became a routine at some point and I forgot to appreciate the things I did have while my mouth kept watering for something new.

You hear phrases like this all of the time but, it’s until you’re put in a real time situation when you can really decipher and relate to the saying.

With that being said, that’s what this is all about. Learning from every experience from here on out. I hope that creating this blog and writing about my semi personal happenings can either be used for a good read/update or words from a real person you all know, used to know or will get to know.

On another note, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Visited Malahide Castle- It’s a beautiful place to check out. Lots of history in every room that takes you back in time. Sweet staff who gave us all discounts due to sections of the tour being closed because of the weather. The tour itself was pretty average, I thought, but we could not stop laughing amongst ourselves which is what made it great.


We stopped at the beach on our way home after Malahide Castle. The beach is so different from what I’m used to but still as relaxing as ever and worth doing no matter what temperature it is or coast you’re on.


Hiking in Glendalough Mountains – one of my favorite places so far. The scenery is absolutely incredible! I’ve never seen so much greenery in my life. I’ve always been so used to the desert.

If you have a chance to visit, do! I highly recommend. Feels as if you teleport into a Bob Ross painting.

All in all, life is great.



– Beatriz Rojo

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